Workday@UChicago Newsletter #5

Sent January 10th, 2015

One Week After Workday: 10 Tips

  1. Use proper casing when entering details into Workday.
  2. Check to make sure you're not hiring someone who has already been hired.
  3. Add a new row during the Add Costing Allocation business process instead of writing over an existing costing allocation.
  4. Enter default weekly hours first during Hire or Add Additional Job.
  5. Set up Period Activity Pay only after the Assign Pay Group Step has been completed.
  6. Keep in mind that there could be a delay of 45 minutes to 15 hours before new hires can log into Workday for the first time.
  7. When adding or updating state tax withholdings, ensure that the employee completes and uploads the accompanying State W-4 Withholding form.
  8. When an employee needs to reverify his/her I-9 documents, instruct them to select the Complete Form I-9 Document Reverification task in Workday.
  9. Searching for a terminated employee? After entering the name of the employee in the search box, select "All of Workday" on the left-hand navigation once the initial search completes.
  10. Refer to Provost Office policies for which documents should be uploaded in to Workday for academic transactions.

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