Project Team and Sponsors

Working on Workday@UChicago

Workday@UChicago follows a robust governance structure. The project's core team is comprised of staff from Human Resources, IT Services, Financial Services, the Office of the Provost and Deloitte. In addition, numerous subject matter experts from the broader UChicago academic and staff HR, IT and Finance community are also heavily involved to ensure Workday will best meet the needs of the University's  divisions, schools and departments.

Project team members were selected for their in-depth knowledge of current practices of and experience with HR/Payroll processes and technology at the University of Chicago. They are organized into two teams—Functional and Technical—each with multiple work streams. The functional team is charged with ensuring that Workday@UChicago is configured to best meet the University’s diverse and complex HR needs, while the technical team is tasked with ensuring there is a smooth transition to Workday from a data conversion, integration and technical reporting perspective.