Recruiting Guides

Workday Recruiting 

In December 2017, the University of Chicago implemented a Recruiting module within Workday, replacing UChicago Jobs. This streamlines staff talent acquisition and hiring processes, while consolidating staff employment data within a single, unified system. A clean, modern interface simplifies applying for positions, while enhanced technology will improve efficiency, consistency, and process tracking to ultimately reduce hiring time. The new system improves reporting and will yield data valuable for monitoring trends and continually improving recruitment.

The following are the defined roles within Workday Recruiting. QRGs and other instructive documents are listed under the respective roles, to help you access and navigate the Recruiting module. 

Human Resources Partner (HRP)   |  Primary Recruiter  |  Recruiting Screener
|  Applicants  

Human Resources Partner (HRP)

The role of the Human Resource Partner (HRP) is to create the job requisitions and identify the appropriate primary recruiter and recruiting screener.  The HRP creating the job requisition is able to assign him/herself as the primary recruiter.


  • Prior to creating a job requisition, a position in Workday must be created and undergo the budget approval process.  Please review the Create Position & Edit Position Restriction QRG.
  • In the recruiting process, once a candidate is moved to the "Ready for Hire" stage, then the Change Job task (for internal candidate) or Hire task (for external candidates) will route automatically to the HRP to complete the process.  For reference, please review the Change Job QRG or the Hire (Posted in Workday Staff/Temp) QRG.

Primary Recruiter

This role takes action and moves the candidates through the recruiting process, dispositions candidates, and sends messages. 

No more than two primary recruiters should be assigned to a job requisition. Each person assigned to this role receives notifications of all tasks and is authorized to act on them, so confusion may arise over who will take action. Limiting the number of primary recruiters minimizes the likelihood that this confusion will occur.

Recruiting Screener

This role has viewing access. Screeners can review and filter applicant information in the candidate grid, similar to a primary recruiter. However, they do not have the ability to take action. Therefore, they will not receive any tasks or to-do's that generate from the recruiting process.


Current UChicago Employee: Current employees applying for another position at the University are considered internal applicants. If one has a Career Worklet as part of his/her Workday dashboard, they are considered internal applicants and must search and/or apply via the Career Worklet.

External Applicants: An individual who is not currently working at the University. This includes terminated employees.