Guides to Workday Functions

When you log on to Workday, you’ll see graphic worklets that are your gateway to specific workday modules and functions. The worklets you see on your home dashboard depend on your position and assigned role(s) in Workday.

Quick reference guides, videos, system demonstrations, classroom training, and other resources are available to help users with Workday tasks. Visit pages for each function in this section for help.
(Note that a CNET ID may be required to access these guides.)           

All employees typically see:
Those assigned roles may see:
Onboarding, used to complete tasks related to hiring worklet-recruiting-85.png Recruiting, used to post positions and screen job applicants
Benefits, used to view or manage elections Hiring, used to manage all steps and data necessary to add an employee
Career, used to to search and apply to campus job openings Team Performance, used for tracking annual staff evaluations
Pay, used to to set up direct deposit, view pay slips, and update tax forms Team Time, used to view reports of hours worked and absences
Performance, used for setting goals and seeking feedback    
Personal Info, used to update contact information, submit name changes, and more    
Time Off, used to request vacation time if eligible    
Time, used or reporting hours worked or absences