Performance Review Guides

Performance Management Process:
  • Performance Management is an ongoing process involving feedback, coaching and recognition.
  • Effectively manage performance by acting with purpose to enhance competence, confidence and capability. 
  • Three key phases throughout the year help maintain a focus on building talent and driving results through employee contributions.

Phases and Timeline Defined:

Phase Date Description
1. Goal Setting* 09/01-10/30 Establish annual goals and competencies.
2. Mid-Year Calibration 12/03-1/18 Calibrate on mid-year perrformance.
3. Year-End Review 04/15-05/24 Assess annual performance of goals and competencies.

*Note, Phase 1 Goal Setting timeline adjusted from June-July to September-October due to Time & Attendance launch on July 1, 2018.  Will resume June-July timeline in 2019.

Roles and Resources:
Determine annual SMART goals and competencies, in conjunction with People Manager.
QRG: Performance Review Process (employee)                                                         WebEx: Performance Management Goal Setting Process

People Manager:
Review and approve employee goals.  Assess performance.
QRG: Performance Management Process (people manager) 
   This includes how to add goals on behalf of the employee. 
QRG: Performance Reports                                                                                          WebEx: Performance Management Goal Setting Process

HR Partner:
Support the process, manage interim unit or divisional deadlines, and facilitate performance calibration sessions among unit or divisional leadership.
QRG: Add Goals: Cascading Function 
QRG: Performance Reports
HR Connect: Performance Resources                                                                          WebEx: Performance Management Goal Setting Process