Time Tracking and Absence Overview

Time Tracking and Absence Reporting is Moving to Workday

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staff and hourly paid student workers to be posted in offices and other work sites.

IMPORTANT OUTAGE ALERT: Workday will be unavailable from Friday, June 29 at 3 p.m. until Sunday, July 1 at 11:59 p.m., as the implementation of the Time Tracking and Absence modules on Workday commences. We apologize for any inconvenience.

On July 1, 2018, the University will retire the UChicago Time system, moving timekeeping to Workday.  Hours worked and requests for time off made by nearly all non-academic university staff (including union employees) and hourly paid student employees will be recorded and approved in Workday. Accruals will also be tracked there. 

Time Tracking and Absence in Workday will streamline the process of tracking time in a modern, familiar, and unified system where all employee and payroll data is managed. The system is simple to use, with prefilled fields and dropdown menus that will make clocking in and requesting or reporting time off easy and more accurate.

Visit get2fa.uchicago.edu for details on registering for mandatory Two-Factor Authorization (2FA). It will be required for certain UChicago employees to use Workday.

NEW! For HRPs to share with or present to staff - Download resources to educate your team about the Time Tracking and Absence transition below: 
If you are: Starting July 1, you will:
paid hourly and report your hours worked on UChicago Time login to Workday and use the Time worklet to clock in and out. 
a time clock user who records your shift start and end time use a new time clock in the same location, in the same way.
paid monthly and report your absences on UChicago Time login to Workday and select the Time Off worklet to report your attendance for the month. 
a time approver receive Workday inbox notifications of absence reports  requiring approval. 

Recording time worked in the same system as employee payroll and benefits information offers numerous benefits:

  • Eliminating the transfer of information between different systems means new employees have access as soon as they are hired can begin tracking time immediately. This reduces the need for hand-written time cards.
  • Any changes in job status, salary, or benefits that affect timekeeping or time off are reflected immediately as soon as those changes are made in Workday.
  • Employees can request or report absences by clicking and dragging across a calendar to select multiple days off. They can use dropdown menus to select the reason for absences, rather than searching for codes, greatly reducing steps and clicks involved.
  • Managers can readily see available vacation accruals and recent time off when approving absence requests.
  • The system will offer many useful reports that can be scheduled to run automatically.

Human resources partners should inform staff of these changes and be sure that time approvers receive training as needed. Hiring managers orienting new staff and student employees should provide an overview of the system.

Also, it is important that time approvers make sure all monthly absence reports are submitted and approved no later than June 30 to ensure accrual balances are accurate when they are transferred automatically to Workday. 

For more information, please contact workdayenhancements@uchicago.edu.